This morning when signing in to social media, I seen a news of a well known country singer had passed away. Immediately my mind went back in time 35 years ago.  Amazing how music does that!

In 1985 many things happened.  On Feb 19th, Curtis and I had our first date of many.  Music was something we both loved. I was the baker for Keddy’s Motor Inn at the time and Curtis the morning line cook.

Since business was booming, to get baking done during the day was difficult, so I would come in and work a back-shift through the night.  I usually got to see Curtis before going home. On  March 26th,  1985, I had finished early.  I was always looking for different ways to show my love in quirky ways yet romantic  and kept an album full of written memories and was going to give it to him to take home and read.  One month of many memories all written down and I wanted to share it with him. Ahh being young and in love 😉 So I sat thinking on what to do.

As I listened to Kenny Rogers and heard the song “Lady”, I had an idea. With paper and pen in hand I sat down to re-write the words to leave for Curtis.  I set the tape to play at that very song with the words and instructions to turn on and listen and read as Kenny sang. I sat in the dark waiting for him to show up. You could say I was a bit crazy? LOL

My mind then catapulted to another song of Kenny’s. “Crazy”. A song we played at our wedding on Oct 19th 1985, for our first dance. A song that always pulls at my heart. I was “Crazy” for Curtis.

Our song was also played at Curtis funeral July 19th 2010, along with many others.  Music always speaks to the very soul.

Kenny Rogers had a gift that blessed my life. His music and song spoke of the love I had found. A love I know that is eternal.  I know his music will go on, and the love he gave to the world with his music will too.

RIP Kenny, your music will live on <3


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  1. Good evening Melanie. I so enjoyed reading your article about the songs Lady & Crazy. It was a beautiful story about yours’ & Curtis’ relationship and it was a beautiful one and I believe you are both still connected. I love those songs also. We did our cool down at water aerobics just the other day to the song Crazy & I think everyone was singing. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Music is a gift that keeps on giving. I love how certain songs can grip our hearts and we never forget them. Even when listened to years later & sometimes completely out of the blue, hearing that special song can take us right back to when we first heard it and all the feels that go with it. I love that you wrote down the lyrics for your husband to read while he listened to Lady. That is precious.

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