Drawing from Others & Learning

So many people we come across in our lifetime, each one with different lives, opinions and beliefs. I have always found myself open to listen, not to judge but with an open heart take something that might speak to me in my own personal journey. We all have things we can glean from each other.

My own faith in the Lord is something that I will never brow beat anyone with for I have seen and experienced it in my own life and really am against that approach. My belief in Christ was a personal decision of my own and so it is the same with everyone else.
I do share the things in my life that I have learned or am learning, and although I may not out n out tell the core of my ability to be able get through those difficulties in my life;  be it known that it is only by drawing strength from above that I get through those times.

Recently in taking many different courses in CBT, Self Esteem, Boundaries and Mindful Meditation (Minding your Way through Depression) I came across Oprah’s Meditations series with Deepak. I have found them very helpful in bringing out many things that I have found useful in my own beliefs and journey in taking care of me.
Much of what Deepak’s says really makes a lot of sense and I find it exciting to draw from his beliefs and be able to use it in my own. I leave this with you…

Deepak on Relationships….

“Every relationship is shaped by the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. We breathe in, to receive life giving oxygen and as we exhale, we nourish the plants & trees with carbon dioxide. We share our love, creativity and joy and we express the same expansion of those same qualities in our lives. At the deepest level, giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy in the universe.
Yet many of us are brought up with the belief that it is better to give than receive. That it is important to take care of other people’s needs before our own. If you have taken that belief to heart you may find yourself giving till you’re physically exhausted, financially depleted or emotionally drained, with little left to give.

In reality, truly loving relationships depend upon your ability to nourish yourself, to love yourself and practice self care, You can only give what you have and your relationships will always mirror how you feel about yourself. Are you treating yourself as the precious lovable soul you are.. infinitely worthy, infinitely deserving?
In the words of the Buddah, “You can search the entire universe and not find a single being more worthy of love, than you.” If you haven’t been making your own well being & self care a priority in your life, please don’t use this realization to criticize or condemn yourself. We are always doing the best we can, given our current level of awareness. as our awareness expands, we are open to new possibilities and ways of being.
Right now in this very moment you have the opportunity to begin giving yourself more love, appreciation and attention. It is never too late. Your true self is pure love and pure spirit and as you spend time meditating and awakening to who you are, you will naturally make choices that nourish your body mind and spirit.”As I love and honor myself, my relationships blossom”.

Deepak on Power of Healthy Esteem….

“Our sense of self worth influences our perceptions and inner dialogue, often creating in-congruence between our essential truth on how we perceive daily life experiences.

Today as we prepare for creating a life filled with miraculous relationships, I ask you to step into a refreshed self image, one that reflects true beauty and divine essence.Take a closer look, self image is the self your ego believes you are.

The ego takes its cues from the outer world, feeding on approval & security. often feeding on feelings of inadequacy & fear. “What do these people think of me?” “Do I look OK?” “Did I say the right thing?”

The feedback we receive back from our environment over the years forms the image we hold of ourselves. In this respect self image keeps reminding us of who we were in a specific situation NOT who we are.

True self esteem is based on the spiritual recognition of ones true value which lies beyond your ego and begins with self awareness.As we accept and honor who we are, we begin to treat ourselves as a cherished loved one with kindness, honesty, trust, compassion & love.

With increased awareness of our true self, we become conscious of how we talk to ourselves, choosing words that are enlightening, uplifting & loving. And should we falter, we forgive ourselves quickly & fully.

Who you are is so much more than the image you have formed of yourself based on feedback from the outside world. Give yourself permission to detach from those opinions & perceptions. Open to your divinity, your creativity, your potential & live from your highest self.”

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