About Melanie P. Bates

Melanie was born & raised in Truro, Nova Scotia.

She is a High School and Bible College graduate who has worked in the hospitality Industry for well over 35 years as a cook/baker/supervisor.

Melanie plays guitar, sings, writes, paints, graphic & web designs,  and loves any kind of creative craft on the go.

From a young age, the Arts were a major part of her nature. Her life journey led her first into the world of the Culinary Arts, where she met her husband Curtis. They were married for nearly 25 years until he passed away July 14th, 2010.
His story can be read at a site Melanie made to help others with his rare cancer; under “Curtis’ Wish”.

Melanie is a Mom to two children; a son Matthew and a daughter Sarah, who is no longer with her; she died of SIDS in 1988. Sarah’s story can be read here.

Now, in having survived several life tragedies over the past thirty years, and battling her way through  depression, many losses, bankruptcy, numerous health issues, and losing 396lbs, she has directed her journey toward exploring and using the many talents she has been given. To choose just one talent for a future profession has been difficult for Melanie because she is passionate with so many of them.
In the past, she has struggled in knowing what her soul purpose in life was and now has come to realize that it is the giving that makes her heart soar.
To help others by sharing her talents and the lessons she has learned, brings joy and purpose to her life.
Most recently, Melanie is expressing herself in her blog, “Ramblings of a Fathead”. You will find her past and recent rambles above.

Through the many trials and hardships Melanie has faced, she has risen above them.  With a contagious laugh and gentle Spirit, she has been an inspiration to many and continues pay it forward by sharing & helping others.

There are many areas in a person’s life where you can wear weighted issues . Through Melanie’s ramblings she shares the facets of her journey  that help her live a “weigh less” life.
She is presently working on her book.