Media, Events, Past & Upcoming

Below is a list of Media Coverage,  Speaking Engagements, Launches, Interviews & more,  past and upcoming…..

August 2011-
Present date
Created Support Group & Admin to present day for those in the Nova Scotia Weight-loss Program
October 2011 Front page News Article
November 5, 2011 Front page News Article
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Aired late
November, 2011
TV Interview
with Alexandra Haider
Student at NSCC
April 27, 2012 Lisa Julian  & Friends A Weight Loss Evening Chat
May 9, 2012 CNWRC
Weight Loss Talk
June 13, 2012 CNWRC A Talk at a Healthy Lifestyle Workshop
2012 Tops, Sobeys, Prince St., Truro Weight Loss Talk
2012 Tops, TAAC Club, Truro Weight Loss Talk
June 20, 2012 Tops, Parsborough, N.S. Weight Loss Talk
March 28th
  Spoke at NSWLP INFO Session, Halifax
Sept 2012 Tops, Oxford, N.S. Weight Loss Talk
March 2013 Patient of Family Doctor
& others
 2019 CNWR & CMHA Workshops TBA