Using Zoom for Meetings.

Due to COVID 19’s social distancing and our meeting locations closing down due to the virus pandemic, some meetings are finding ways to still have meetings, via Phone and Zoom which is a virtual video chat on-line. This Tutorial will take you through the steps needed to be able to set up ZOOM as well as join a meeting.

Here’s How to Set up a ZOOM Account

Setting up an Account:

Go to and click on the blue button in the top right corner that looks like this

In the box that pops up, Place your email address where it says
“your work email address” and click
“sign up”.

Activating Account:

You then will have to go to your inbox
of your email account and open the
email they just sent, so you can activate
your account. Click on the blue tab that
says “activate Account”  in the email.

It looks like this…

That will take you to a page that looks like this…

Fill in your “First Name”, “Last Name” and choose a “Password”. Then type the same password into “Confirm Password” and hit the orange button “Continue”.

Congratulations, You now have a ZOOM Account.


On your Computer, laptop, tablet, or Ipad go to
A box will appear like this below,

Hit “Save File” and it will download.

Go to your downloads and Double click on ZoomInstaller.EXE file to install.

Zoom will open once installed and will look like this;


After installing Zoom it will open.  Anytime you want to start ZOOM, just click on its icon and this page will open up. The icon looks like this;

You will enter your email address and password you used when signing up for your Zoom Account.

(Usually this is saved so you don’t have to do it every time in joining a meeting. When joining a meeting all you will need to do is double-click on the icon and this same page will be shown)

Then this page then will appear. Click on “Join”

Then you will see a box “Join Meeting”,

1. put in the Meeting ID

2. Make sure name in below

3. Then Click “Join”

Another box will appear

1. Then you will Enter the Password

2. Click “Join Meeting”