I AM Enough

In this journey, I have found it so important that I not compare myself to someone else but it is hard not to. It is something I have been programmed to do from an early age and changing it takes time.

I know I am on my own path. I have my own history, which makes me unique. If everyone is wonderfully different, how can I base my own self worth on another achievements or successes?
I have found low self-esteem and not loving myself puts me there. This journey is a struggle with self.

I find when I start comparing myself to others; I set myself up to feeling less than, unworthy and hopeless. I feel there is something wrong with me, which usually resorts in me doing nothing because I feel defeated, leading me to the very thing I don’t want to do… over eat.
Then I feel shame and I spin out of control into the vortex of negativity and silence; remaining stagnate.

There is nothing wrong with me, nor is there anything wrong with any of you, but it is amazing how the power of the mind can make you feel the opposite.

This is life. We live we learn and we keep on trucking. Everyone’s path is different. There is no perfection.

We learn, we share and be there for each other, we ALL are students.
As a student, there is always something to learn about ourselves.


Here’s to life, our journey, sharing and learning…..


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  1. You are an awesome lady and I’m glad I’ve met you! You are all on our own journey everyone has a story! Lisa

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