Yesterday while in Town, I had the chance to spend some time sitting in Victoria Square. While waiting for Matt, I pulled out my notepad and began to write of my experience and thought Id share; here tis….

“The sounds of an afternoon in the park fill me as the cooling breeze blows through my hair. I am amazed at the sounds all around; the bustle of movement soon falls away as I sit down quietly on the bench beneath the trees. My long walk in the heat soon disappears as I close my eyes and take in a deep breath.
Who would think this quiet space of nature in the midst of such chaos would bring a sense of calmness; an oasis to the soul that so few take part. A sense of contentedness fills me and I want to share.
As people pass through the Square, neither smiles nor a response I receive and a sense of sadness fills me; have these strangers’ lives, gotten so busy that they no longer take time to live?
As I sit and take in the surroundings a moment of clarity, I see; this is a dichotomy of life at its finest; of what life has become. It is no wonder people are so disconnected.
Have people become so busy with life that mindlessly they trudge along not seeing what is before them? Are people so concerned with the past or the future that the here and now is lost? How sad. How can one truly experience pure joy and happiness caught in such a trap?
I get caught in this trap too. I need to remind myself daily to be present in the now; today, is my reminder to take time and enjoy every minute.”

Take time today my friends and enjoy the simple things in the here and now. Experience the pure joy of nature that is around. Still your mind and feed your soul; it can change your whole outlook on life in this busy world.

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