Self Love Day 6

Day 6 Self Love Challenge was “LAZY SATURDAY !”
And here were the instructions….
Pack for a beautiful picnic with a book, with a loved one or a friend, or solo.
Bring the blanket, cheese, wine, chocolate & spend some un-distracted time being in nature, relaxing.
This is ALL about connecting with yourself, your friends, your lover & nature!

Well now.. here in Nova Scotia it is a rain, rain, rainy day. So my noggin thought on what I could do….
I first turned off my cell (haven’t even turned it on yet LOL) and I dug out my rain poncho, grabbed my camera and went for a walk in the rain…picnic could wait for another day.
IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I enjoyed every minute.
A couple of years ago I took a workshop on Mindfulness, where we learned different techniques and even had a day of silence… so much came flooding back.
Meditative walking and listening to everything around really centers you… to enjoy the moment and everything in it, is an experience all in it’s own. How often we forget to do this. It actually invigorates you.. excites the senses and gives an overwhelming peace.
Splashing through the puddles… seeing the drops of rain beading on the leaves, flowers and trees gave a feeling of freshness and newness. The drips of water clinging to life, reading to be absorbed in… I JUST LOVED IT!!
Connecting with yourself and nature is a total thumbs up!!

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