As the coolness of the morning laid in a blanket of haze across the air, rays of sunshine peered through the vibrant leaves of the fall. Time seemed to stand still and fill me with a sense of freshness and hope. The lightness in my step skipped to the beat of happiness. I was oblivious to anything around, except for the fact I was going to school.

Bursting into the classroom with excitement, my eyes marvelled at the many things before me. A room filled with possibilities and exploration. In my mind I can remember so vividly the paint easels, the sand box, the small tables and chairs; it was a room full of wonder and I wanted to experience all of it.

During our afternoon nap times, we would race to lay out our favorite blanket that we had brought from home. Sprawled out on my blanket I would lay there intently listening to Mrs. Logan’s kindest, softest voice, urging us to pretend we were as rag dolls. She would intermittently check each one of us by lifting a leg or arm to see if we were limp … and before you knew it we were asleep. That feeling of relaxation and floating on a cloud while she talked truly taught me lessons I was able to carry with me.

The innocence of childhood sees things so clearly in the simplest of ways; the pure enjoyment of life is so easy to obtain and life doesn’t get cluttered in the static… but somehow over time things changed.

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