Self Love Day 2

Day 2 Challenge of the Self Love Challenge was “Dress it Up”… all about having fun, feeling sassy & maybe getting outside your comfort zone!

It’s amazing how it can make you feel to get gussied up and pamper yourself… today was all about me and feeling fabulous.
I started off getting washed n dressed and putting on a fav top of mine.. putting on a bit of make up.
Felt so good I decided to go out to a session of Auricular Acupuncture. It had been a very long while and it sure felt good. Got my tacks in for the week and am all set.
Then this afternoon went out to get some cream cheese to make a carrot cream cheese cake tonight and seen a top that caught my eye for 12 bucks… SOLD LOL Not to often I buy something for me so I splurged.
Then off to my doc appointment for a great check.

So in the pic me showing off my fav top and my new fav top from Day 2 Dress it up Challenge with today’s Mantra.
Now if I could extend my arm ya would have gotten a full view but for now…. 😉
Twas a wonderful Day

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