One Day at a Time

Ever get that feeling of being totally overwhelmed with all the things you need to do? Where the mountain is so huge you just feel defeated before you even start?

Well, you are not alone.

I have neglected so many things in my life in all aspects that when I begin to think of everything needing to be done, I freeze. When they say fear immobilizes, I think I got the T-shirt. Living in that mode, I can go down a rabbit hole of no good right fast. That’s when I definitely know nothing will get done and my mental health will plummet.

I am learning what is best for me is to make a list of everything I would like done daily. I simplify the items in small increments. If there is one thing on that list that I can do… that is my goal.

Thing is when one things gets done, that “feel good” of accomplishing something feels quite amazing!! Crossing it off the list give a sense of “YES!! I did something!!”. Then that spurs me on to do another thing that I can cross off my list. Some things may get transferred from one day to the next, but that’s OK.

Eventually Taking it One Day At A Time, (sometimes one minute or one second at a time)…all things do get DONE

Remember to day to take it easy on yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day… so take just one simple thing at a time and soon that mountain won’t seem so tall.

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