Undercurrents of Life

This labor day weekend I am blessed to be able to wake up to a view such as this. The calm glass-like stillness makes you feel you are a part of something very special in the busy chaotic life we live.
As I take in the beauty my eyes scan the cove and as I look back towards the boat, it has moved. I marvel how in the calmness of the moment the unseen undercurrents have cause a moored boat to move but the beauty of the moment is not lost. I smile at the correlation that has crossed my mind.

THIS is how life should be.

The undercurrents of life are always there. They can move us, can change our direction, perhaps even shift things in mid stream of how we’d like them to be, which may not please us, but they will always be there because that’s life.

It is a choice to allow those undercurrents to take away the joy of the moment or not.

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