Self Love Day 7

Day 7 Self Love Challenge “VACATION FOR A DAY !”
Taking time out for yourself and doing something that you haven’t done or haven’t done in ages as in taking a vacation from the norm and enjoying the day was the challenge today… well that made me smile 🙂

Today was such a vacation day all around; I even had my bags packed lol.
You see I have been away from home for nearly 4 weeks. I had been away in St Margaret’s Bay helping with the Gallery opening and then I went right into the hospital for surgery (my hernia repair) .

I then got out of the hospital and went to my Mom’s for recovery. Today was when I planned to venture home (to Green’s Creek) and attempt to continue recovery at home.
It will be an exciting, yet nervous time, but I feel a new adventure in learning about me and my new limitations for the next 8 weeks. Learning to “not do” and allow others to tend to me has been foreign, so I am taking this time as a “Vacation” and I am going to not stress about lifting a broom or a vacuum cleaner and enjoy myself and heal.
I know I have many things to keep me occupied… may even do some painting and finish that lighthouse I started… stay tuned on my progress, adventures and fun…



Oh n BTW, before I left to go on my vacation, I dropped by with my Mom and Aunt Winnie to see my Aunt Effie who I hadn’t visited in a while.

T’was a wonderful afternoon….

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