Nature, My Solace

In gloomy days of winter where days are shorter and sun seems obsolete, my heart grows weary at times, allowing my thoughts to meander. It is in that quagmire that I can get tangled in the pessimistic net of the “have-nots”, I am sure many know of that place.

That dark void of disconnect that can lead one down the path of no good. I’ve been there, and it’s not a pretty place.

These days, I am thankful when I start to take those trips, that I can recognize the pattern. I allow myself to feel what I am feeling; sometimes this too is difficult, but it’s getting easier.

Feelings of loneliness can be a strong catalyst to get that ball rolling. I have to remind myself that I am never alone. My loneliness is but an illusion.

I was looking out over the Cove this afternoon. As the sun peered out behind a cloud and the blue sky gleaned down onto the glass covered water.  My heart was pulled into it’s beauty. As it filled every part of me, I took in a big breath and I smiled.  I am never alone.

My mind immediately went to a song by the Rose Vaughan Trio’s called Stone and Sand.

Nature always centers me.

“Stone and sand and sea and sky
Rest my heart and please my eye.
I will go and not ask why,
Stone and sand and sea and sky.

Early morning rise and walk
Listen to the sea stone talk
Wild geese flock above me high
Stone and sand and sea and sky.

Soon the wind is holding me
Clears my mind so easily
Open, open to the song
Wind and sea have played so long.

I am strengthened by the sea
Something broken mends in me
Hold me till the day I die
Stone and sand and sea and sky.

Stone and sand and sea and sky
I am free to laugh and cry
I feel the spirit lift me high
Stone and sand and sea and sky.

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