Love is the Reason

Well the Spirit of the Season seems to be all around… or is it?

In having a few home repairs this year, things have been tight on the pocketbook, so I’ve had to become more ingenious with gift giving. I have to say the stores didn’t make much on my purchases this season, but the times that I was in the stores, the hustle and bustle of commercialism definitely seemed to be in high gear.

In the quagmire, I stopped to ponder if many are missing something and it saddened me. I guess with the losses in my life and being on a fixed income my perspective has changed a fair bit. My mind hears, “Love is the reason for the Season”.

Love. A small four-letter word yet so powerful it could melt the hardest of hearts, and seems to be lost to so many. The unhappy looks seen in the tired faces I meet, I begin to wonder. Not many smiles seem to be had. Is this the “Spirit” of the season?  Amazing how one can be so caught into the buying, finding that “perfect” gift to give to someone you love at the expense of stretching the pocketbook so much that it aches for many months afterwards.

I see how the years of conditioning in buying the best gift ever is alive and well and somehow the love behind it all gets muddled    and clouded.

When did love ever start to have a price tag? Isn’t there something that can be given in love that is not so expensive…. what about time?

Certainly, something to ponder.

A Very Merry Christmas Everyone, and remember LOVE. It is the reason for the Season. Give it freely  xox <3

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