Love is Never Wasted

In just reading this quote, I was taken a back;   “Don’t waste your love on somebody, who doesn’t value it.”
― William Shakespeare

Something within my gut said… NO!! The quote just didn’t rest well with me. It felt like a vengeful connotation attached to it somehow and I questioned, “When is love ever a waste?” It made me really think.

For many years I believed I was unworthy of any kind of love. I searched for it everywhere from outside myself but exasperated all avenues in finding any there. I ended up empty, hurt, alone and quite resentful. There were those that loved me deeply: I just wasn’t in any frame of mind to receive it. I was disconnected. Was I unworthy of such love? no.

I believe everyone is worthy of love… everyone.

I have loved and lost a few times, was it ever a waste? Nope. I have been blessed to know each one and learned from each one, so where is the waste?….. when I have gained so much?

True unconditional love, when given from that place where it is given, with no expectation of return, is LOVE.   That is a spiritual zone that there is no waste;

it’s just love.


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