First Meeting with WLP

Well yesterday was my first appointment with the Weight Loss Team in Halifax; their info session “What is Weight Loss Surgery?”
After being registered, we were weighed then given papers to fill out. Then The WLP nurse, psychologist, nutritionist, surgeon, occupational therapist spoke. Then there was a former patient who came and told his story. All was very informative.
The team set out the plan for those wishing to have WLS and said the time when surgery would be, depends greatly on YOU…HOW COMMITTED ARE YOU??… do what they suggest and this would be the deciding factor when the surgery would be.
When passing in the papers I filled out, we got a chance to speak with the team and introduce myself. Several times before this a few had mentioned they remembered me from February as well as my “emails”. I was asked if I felt I have done the “list” and I am really to which I said yes, so hopefully I will get my paperwork for bloodwork and appointment lined up soon.

When I got weighed in Hfx (in the afternoon) I weighed in at 369.2. Finally below 370 ! This stall has felt like forever to get below 370, but finally did it!

Well this am when I got up, had my pee, and jumped on the scales…as I normally do on Thursday mornings and it read 356.4!! I jumped off, got on several times to see the same. I thought, man how so much in one day …but…then again thinking how I was weighed in the afternoon, this could attribute to some. I can see a pound more n a tad more loss…but I feel the weight fluctuation and time of day and scale could be a contributing factor. BUT???? I will take it and keep on trucking.

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