After going through a 4 week stall with a few gains and doing completely everything I should be doing,  bang!!  the ole body kicks into gear.

It really amazes me. It really does have a mind of it’s own and does what it does when it’s good and ready; we are just along for the ride LOL.  Roller coaster one at that LOL. This week has been something else with the scales dropping but also my blood sugars and insulin need keeps dropping, surprising me even more.

I’m now down to 19u in the AM and 6u in the PM it was 23u & 12u only a few weeks ago! I am doing everything the same as I was during the stall. THIS is the kind of thing to see that will cement me into not veering away from the plan during my next stall…. and oh I am sure there will be a next one…and I will get through it as well. It’s the successes along the way to remember, that bring us through those times. Keep to the plan and the body will do it’s thing!!!

LOl now to stay off the darn scale and only get on once a week LOL.

This am i jumped on…man…very strong possibility that i will be below 360 this Thursday… shhhhhhh i was 362.6 this am… lol

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