JUMP! How High??

Well I heard back from the Weight Loss Team.

I am to start with 2 weeks liquid diet then followed by 3 months of the selective 1200 cal diet (of glucerna)
Then transition to a 1200 healthy eating diet through a dietician or doctor.
I certainly feel like I am going in circles here. Only a month ago, I was given instructions by the same person to go on 3-4 weeks of liquids (which I did) and to follow it with the 1200 cal diet (which I did…given to me by a dietican in Truro) I had emailed her to double check on that but never did get a response. From Feb 24th to now I have lost over 60 lbs doing so.

Now I guess since starting the Weight Loss program officially, I guess that 1200 cal diet I am on is not the same as “their plan to lose weight” so I am to do 2 weeks of liquid diet followed by their selective choice 1200 cal for 3 months.

Now I would like to know who I am to see about the transitioning to a healthy eating 1200 cal diet after I do this… since what I am on now (and losing weight on) is not proper…. do you hear me snarl? lol

Well anyways, here goes my jumping through hoops and whatever I have to do to prove I am committed and know the plan. I have to laugh that I am being put on their plan to lose weight and here I have lost 6.6 pounds since I seen them last Wednesday by eating… you guessed it a HEALTHY 1200 CALORIE DIET…. oh me nerves.

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