A Test, I Guess

Well the last two weeks have been certainly a test.

The week after my liquid diet, my weight in was a plus 0.8 pounds, man that was discouraging, but I kept telling myself, “my body’s adjusting, my body’s adjusting, I have lost over 170 pounds! i can not give up! Just keep at it!!”

Well then another week pasted n bang, another gain of 2 pounds. WHAT!??!! GRRrrrrrrrrrr then i thought of it!!bWell, I did increase my walking/steps those last few weeks … and …. again & again I went those things in my head to keep me sane, “my body’s adjusting!! I will not waver !! …and I didn’t, but i must say, it surely was a test.

While I was walking yesterday I thought a lot over how many times before when dieting and losing I had given up and gained back and then some.  I pondered, “what makes me believe I won’t do it again?” Somehow I  know, it’s hard to explain.

After getting on this road to healthiness with Curtis, seeing us both work on getting healthy and how it could be done, it is so important. In seeing how his cancer took over and how when he tried sooo hard. With every breath he took to fight, but lost. I now carry on alone. How could I possibly give up. Life is too precious to give up. I must go on.

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