Starfish & Making Differences

It’s amazing how each day can show you so much..n the day has only begun!! Helping others and making a difference while here on this earth has always been me.
When Curtis got sick it was no different… I had gotten involved in a forum… not too used at all because Curtis’ cancer was one that not many talked about. well with yaking as i do lol. I made a few posts n eventually some others did join in.
After Curtis died, I felt very uncomfortable remaining yet the admin there asked if I’d be a facilitator. Being in a forum where you have experienced the lost hope of survival and so many others struggling to hang on to every drop of it… I wasn’t sure if it would be best. But in thinking how it was a part of Curtis’ wish to make sure no other man go through what he had. …….I remained….. hoping it might help.

I shared info I had gathered…the website I made and when members asked questions or looked for help, I jumped in. I used whatever I knew to help, even if at times it was very personal. Discussing such never really bothered me. I was always open and felt being shy over a subject that others don’t have the time to be silent about was why  I spoke out with no reserve. Somehow having lived through the experience,  I felt a responsibility that whatever I went through or knew, I could pass on, and have.  I hoped somehow to make a difference.
In one way it is kind of sad seeing such a forum get more active, yet on the other hand, seeing how men and woman too have a place to feel comfortable to discuss such a cancer which isn’t easily discussed really makes me smile. A wish is being fulfilled and a life lost doesn’t feel for naught.

Well in a short time I can see a few being helped, encouraged, and given hope. It feels so good. Even through  hard times and troubled times, good things can emerge. Everything does have a purpose,  even when we have doubts anything we could possibly do could help. Never underestimate the little things you can do.
I am reminded of the starfish story;  one little boy, making a difference to that “one” starfish. That’s what we all have to keep focused on in this life. What differences we all could make if we all bent over to throw one starfish back into the sea. The end result can be so astounding.

I encourage everyone of you to pick up that starfish today. Take a minute and toss it out into the sea. Make a difference in your corner of the world to just one. You will be so glad you did 🙂

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