Well I had an appointment on Thursday with the dietician, and all is a go ahead in transferring to the 1200 healthy choice. She feels I have the knowledge base in knowing what to do and have been doing it so there is nothing stopping me. She was very impressed with the last few months and looks forward to seeing me in September. She felt I would be a great asset to others struggling losing weight and controlling diabetes. Hey maybe I should write a book LOL

I’m looking forward to eating the healthy 1200 cal again because It will cut my carbs as well as sugars. Funny how you get use to watching those things and when forced to follow another diet, which has many more than you are use to, it near kills ya just thinking of putting that much in your body.

Well being down to 340 I almost have that full 30lbs off, I am only off by .8 lbs. Once back on my 1200 cal I know it will drop.
I emailed Dr Ellsmere to update him and ask him concerning my progress and how my surgeries will come into play. At the first of the week I will also fax the same message to make sure he receives it. This is my letter….

Dear Dr Ellsmere,

I need to update you on a few things that I feel is important. I have made a promise to myself that my health and anything that is associated with it will never let slide with me ever again.

Since seeing you on February 24th of this year, I would like to let you know that I have dropped 90 pounds to date. (a total of 260 pounds since Sept ’09)

I registered with the Weight loss program on June 14th and have everything done required of them to proceed with my “one on one” which they informed me will not be until early fall (Sept/Oct)… so I wait for my appointment with them to proceed to the next step.

In the coming 3 months, I will continue with what I have been doing… eating a healthy 1200 cal and exercising. More than likely, I will have more weight off by that time. I now have only 90 pounds to lose before reaching the goal of 250 pounds that you required to have off to have my hernia repaired. Realizing that I could possibly be very close to that goal when I meet the Team, Diana suggested that you just may consider doing both surgeries at the same time. Living with this hernia as well as the peritonitis and two subsequent surgeries not to mention a lot of time that has passed, I myself wonder if that would even be a possibility where the “unknown” lies beneath and that one surgery may be a challenge in itself. Not to underestimate your expertise, I have full confidence in you. I am just saying that whatever extent is below the surface is unknown at this time and although Diana suggested it, I would rather hear your feelings on the subject since you are the surgeon.

You had asked me in your office that day “How committed are you to this” To my health I am fully committed to changing my lifestyle permanently. I feel I am on the right path to make it happen. Having the Weight Loss Surgery I feel will be a great tool to use. I guess things are proceeding so nicely that I feel I am a little ahead of things, and wanted to make you aware of the situation so I can get your feedback on the timeline of surgeries, whether they require a specific time between each one or in fact it possible for the both at once.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you

Melanie Bates.

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