Time Changes

One year ago today I buried my best friend; in one instance it seems like so very long ago, yet sometimes like yesterday.

Not a moment goes by that I don’t remember Curtis, being with someone for 25 years it’s kind of hard not to. Being a part of someone for so long is such a big adjustment when they’re gone. You have to get to know yourself as “you alone”. Not a very familiar place to be, who likes being alone, but in being there you learn lots about yourself and from there I can learn and grow.

I guess you could say that there has been so many changes with “me” sometimes it’s hard to grasp it. 211 pounds gone, I am definitely not the person I use to be in many ways. I am sure along this journey to healthiness there will be much more to learn about me, it feels good eating healthy and exercising daily, being where I am at.

When I think back only 5 months ago at 430 lbs where I was.. then when I think 22 months before at 550 WOW will be interesting in 6 months time where I’ll be. Time changes so much… but it’s not only that, it’s what you do with that time…. that’s what changes.

One thing I know what time will never change is that deep love I have/had for my husband; that part of me will never leave me. He gave me the best gift, by showing me that life and being healthy is worth fighting for, and this is what keeps me going….

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