My Journey Continues…

My, I haven’t written here in a while. So much is going on.
Let me see, since seeing Dr Ellsmere there has been so many changes.

My diet I have switched up. After my appointment with the Diabetic clinic the first of March, they showed me what a 1200 cal diet entailed, and then I looked at the diet on stage 5 in the handouts and twas the same so I started counting calories etc and doing a food log. I was originally on approx 1300 to 1500 cal so I cut it back to 1200, had a little headache at first but soon disappeared.

Then in seeing my blood sugars having some 6’s I shifted my meals to incorporate 3 snacks, still keeping to 1200 cal a day. I had never had snacks only when I carried my daughter, but I never liked bothering with them and was able to control my sugars without but  in seeing 6’s bothered me, so I am now snacking lol.

My insulin has come down much more 19u in Am and 10u in the PM and my last weigh in last Thursday was 386 pounds. That is 2 months since seeing Dr Ellsmere!! I also am briskly walking daily 39 minutes and yesterday have started to help walk with a friend, getting her started in her walking daily. She is a bit slower than me, so I don’t include this as a part of my walk. All of this  helps me to obtain my 10000 steps a day, and hey, it’s all for the good.

On the 11th of April I phoned Dr Ellsmere’s office and left a message telling them my progress; that I had lost the 30 lbs he had wanted and by noon time I had received an email concerning my go ahead to start the stage 3 diet for 3-4 weeks then continue afterwards on stage 5, 1200 cal diet until I meet them the end of may the first of June.

I went to my family doc on Monday the 19th to see about my blood pressure. I had been having some low readings and felt I best get it seen to before starting the liquid diet. I am now OFF ALL Blood pressure meds !!!!

Oh yes, I went to my first OWLS meeting in Truro and it was so great to meet everyone…learned so much and look forward to the next.

On April 21st I started my 3 week liquid diet, My first week I lost 10.6 pounds. I am on my 11th day and I feel great, I am filled, am not hungry and so much energy that I am not even counting days til I get back on the 1200 cal diet. I feel this has a lot to do with cutting back on the sugar and carbs before this because my hunger and cravings were nil then and the transition to liquids was no big deal. It definitely takes time to learn to sip and concentrate on getting the liquid in on a meal specific time, for drinking is not associated with meals because I never drank during meals. But all in all everything’s going great and learning so much, and feel my life/health is changing for the good finally. I CAN DO THIS!!!!

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